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I have a very pronounced but occasional (maybe twice a day) tic.
It started a month ago or so.
Just a singular muscle reflex. Usually in my neck so my head juts forward for a split second. It's not painful but it is a little alarming.

Not medicated currently so it isn't that.
Bizarre! I need to keep an eye on it.
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1 day ago


🦉Looking back in order to move forward.
🦉How ADHD Wise UK started.
🦉My recovery from Lyme Disease.

As I consider signing up for a half-marathon, to raise funds to deliver #neurodiversity assemblies in school, I am reflecting on the the ones I have done before. The last of which I said ‘never again’. But never say never as what I didn’t know that last time was that I was losing my health.

It’s a long story but I have neuroborreliosis (advanced #Lyme) and always will have - because it doesn’t actually leave you once it’s gone through the blood barrier. My body is winning however and I’m pretty much in remission - as long as I don’t overdo it and take good care of myself. I spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital with near paralysis and would pass out frequently. I came home on Christmas Eve 2015.

There is nothing like losing control of your body and mind and I have fought hard, with the help of my amazing husband, my children and my step children to get and stay well. Imagine having one condition that requires you to move a lot and another that makes you collapse. I had to find a new way to be. My brain began to recover first, but only if I let my body rest. I didn’t think I would ever make it back to teaching so I began to consider what I would do instead. This was when I wrote my #Autism teacher training, and then my #ADHD one followed. It's also when ADHD Wise UK came to being with the help of some like-minded souls, many of whom are still by my side.
My union (now NEU) booked me to deliver ASD and ADHD sessions for their members and with support, I was able to do this and recover after each time. Eventually, I made it back to the classroom and was fortunate enough to be able to deliver my ADHD training to my colleagues. To be honest, if I can share my story in front of people who know me, there is no holding me back. Then I started my MSc in Psychology, for which I’m currently writing my dissertation and a PhD will follow.

Through my childhood and younger adulthood, I danced a lot. I realise now that this was part of my ADHD management. Convenience shifted that to running in my late 30s, and many runs, including 3 half marathons followed.

What matters most to me?
My family first and foremost. And then it's my mission to change perceptions of NeuroDiversity. Back in the day. I won an investors in people award for delivering assemblies to Year 10 students about to embark on work experience. It's so interesting how the many threads of my life are weaving together from what had previously felt disjointed. Everything is moving in the same direction now. I want to talk with children and young people about NeuroDiversity because things need to change. 20% of the population are neurodiverse, yet we are under recognised and under supported.

I don't usually talk publically about Lyme. It's not usually relevant. But it is in this case because it is part of the journey.

The thing is, I’ve battled all my life. Being different will do that to you. The strength I found in myself and the love I received from others is what pulled me though. I have an ADHD brain and it doesn't switch off. It did for a while thanks to that tick bite and I guess that is why I appreciate all that I have regained. I'm glad of ADHD because the relentlessness of thought made me keep pushing and doing. I learnt a new way to be and I had to understand and love me better than I ever had before.
Maybe I’m also rather grateful to Lyme for making me slow down, but then again, no. It still takes from me.

As I write this, a resolve comes over me (tempered by a reality check). I'm going to run another half-marathon and raise some money to deliver those assemblies. This is my 2020 mission!

#dowhatmatters #2020mission #halfmarathon #TeamADHD #Running #ohshit 🤣
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1 day ago


9am this morning.
Going into Becca’s room (17, #ADHD & #Anxiety. Studying #Alevels from home).

Me: Morning sweetheart:
Becca: (Yawning awake) Morning.
Me: I’ve come to take your phone off you.
Becca: okay. What time is it?
Me: 9.
Becca: okay. Love you.
Me: Love you too. You can have it back when that assignment is in. I’ll switch it off so I can't see your notifications.
Becca: okay.

Fast forward 2 hours.

She has put her laundry on and is tidying her room. She has had breakfast and fussed the dog.
Has she picked up her assignment? No!

Most children with ADHD have oppositional tendencies to one extent or another. Becca is, for the most part, a compliment young woman. But she hates being told what to do. She is part procrastinating and part being defiant. She needs to feel like she is chosing to sit down when she finally does - even though I have forced the issue.
She will feel mixed. Part of her will be glad that I have stepped in and part will be mad.

She nor I have elected for confrontation. It just is what it is. We both know she’ll feel better once the work is submitted. And now I back off but stay available. Any further pressure from me or anyone else would be counterproductive.

I'll let you know how it goes but I fully expect her work will be in by the end of the day. Raising our #Neurodiverse children and young people requires us to parent in #diverse ways.
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2 days ago


I think Lewis Capaldi might be #neurodiverse.

The average person doesn't think like this (I don't think) and would filter it if they did.

Love his music and love his authenticity.
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