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Being as it’s his birthday, I thought I’d share our positive take on #ADHD again. 🤗

Happy 13th Birthday to Marcus.

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Lack of training for the most part but also, once needs are identified they must be addressed by law. There aren’t the resources to detect or support.

And in terms of mindset, I was once told that there was no point in assessing for dyslexia because it wouldn’t change the way a child was taught. It would be fair to say that myself and that teacher did not get on!Dyslexia occurs in 1 in 10 human beings! 42% of those with ADHD also have dyslexia - but 40% leave school at 16 not knowing ? Why do schools not know how to identify neurodiverse learners? If we don’t understand the neuroscience of learning then 20% of school children will continue to underachieve ...
What needs to be done to correct this ?
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I was chatting with the eldest daughter, Vicki (27. ASD/ADHD) a couple of days ago. She was recounting being excluded from gymnastics, ballet and stagecoach. She’d also been in the brink of it in her first year of school. 🥺 She said how hurtful and confusing she found each rejection.

Why did these things happen? Because she was distracted and distracting and those running the clubs and classes didn’t know what to do, or even that they could or should do anything. If I had known then what I know now, I’d have been able to support her and fight for her with the school and with each club.

Anyone who has met Vicki will tell you she is a sweetheart and always has been. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. Anything she was doing that brought on this rejection was not intentional or within her control at that time. She got her ASD diagnosis when she was 8 (Asperger’s as it was known back then). We didn’t know she also had ADHD until she was 19. It would be fair to say that I didn’t understand or know how to support her either. I was doing my best, but I just didn’t know.

Such rejections are an adverse childhood experience (ACES). Many of our neurodiverse children also experience failed school placements. Vicki learnt at age 5 that she didn’t fit.

A sense of belonging is so important to our children yet many are denied it because they are different. Vicki is 27 yet she recalls these events as if no time has elapsed and speaks eloquently about how the experiences made her feel.

I quote Fintan O’Regan who has a particular interest in preventing exclusions.

‘No ducklings left behind’.

Inclusion and acceptance are basic human need and right!

Vicki didn’t deserve what she experienced. None of our children do.
It is certainly true that some children aren’t made for mainstream educational experiences (or many educational experiences are not made for some children), but children shouldn’t have to be rejected from them before the right place is found.

No professional wants to exclude a child. Training and mindset shifts are sometimes all that is needed to be inclusive. This was certainly true in Vicki’s case. I’m Vicki’s mother so I may have my bias. But I’m also a SEND teacher and trainer and I could recount many a story where this is also true.
In my previous role as a class teacher in an alternate provision, I’ve heard too many stories of adversity and rejection that just did not need to be, or could and should have been handled better.
Working with families now, my heart breaks a little every day.

We must do better!
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Lottery funded Tuning into Teens course run by my colleague, Chelsea Young.

Although this is not SEN specific, it will be helpful in supporting our neurodiverse teens.✨NEW Tuning into Teens course! ✨
FREE online 4 session Tuning into Teens course, funded by the National Lottery. Please see the flyer below for more information. Any questions please get in touch via messenger or email. Places will be strictly limited!
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