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The kind of thing those of us with ADHD would do. I did this at until I did it one too many times and now have a strategy to avoid it.

So my question is, do non ADHD people do this too?Wife sent me this picture this morning, she says if I leave her car at this fuel level again I’m not allowed to drive it! 😂😆
I’d say I got home just in time from Leamington Spa and left her 1 mile to her to the petrol station (which is only 0.5 miles away). Gentleman!
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2 days ago


This is my stepson Mitch (25 with #ADHD) and his German Shepherd Joey.
Today Mitch (Titch to me) heard that he got a 1st class honours degree in Sports Science.
During those 3 years, he has also built up his own PT business to such an extent that he and his fiancé Megan have been able to buy their first home. Raising and training Joey has been no small task either!

This boy (I know he is a man, but he’ll always be my boy) is a grafter. He is all or nothing. He can do anything he puts his mind to and do it ridiculously well. Academia has been a challenge. Not because of the learning or the work, but because of the deadlines and the boring stuff! Mitch needs to find a reason to do something other than because someone else says he should. He had to keep his goal in mind and use that to push him through. He didn’t just get through it! He aced it and we couldn’t be more proud and impressed.

Mitch had many of the ups and downs that would typically be associated with a young man growing up with ADHD. It’s been no picnic. The ups were brilliant and the downs were messy. But here we are! #proudmama

As role models go, I reckon he’s a good one!
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6 days ago


What anxiety looks like in children.Childrens anxiety can present in a numbers of ways and because they are often unable to explain how they feel, it can be hard for parents to unpick exactly what is going on for a child 😢
Sensory processing difficulties can often cause children increased anxiety especially if they are over sensitive to any sensations that they experience .
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I’m looking forward to reading this when it’s out. Beverley Nolker is a wonderful advocate for ADHD.It’s gone to print! We’re almost there. Our children’s book written in rhyme to help young people learn more about their amazing ADHD brains. It also sends the message that being a friend to someone with ADHD is something to treasure and hold onto.

Illustrations by Richard Jeferies of Squarecube Artisans.
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Feedback from a parent attending tonight’s talk on ADHD organised through Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum. 👏👏👏👏👏 ... See MoreSee Less

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